Rory Miller Live 2017 – Logic of Violence & In Fighting

Some of you may remember a post I wrote from last year about the ‘Con-Com’ (Conflict Communications) seminar KMG UK hosted, stating  just how interesting Rory Miller’s events are. Anyone who’s attended the man’s events knows how utterly fascinating he is. Getting insights into Rory’s exposure to real world violence is something all those with our shared interests should experience firsthand!

Fast forward a year to KMG UK hosting another event, the subtly named: ‘Rory Miller Live: Logic of Violence & In-Fighting Workshop’. Personally I’d attend anything Krav Maga related, but seeing the words ‘In-Fighting workshop’ I practically fell over myself to sign up, knowing it would be a sell out.

And it was – over 100 of  the great and the good from all KMG affiliated clubs across the UK descended onto Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford for what was to prove a quality day out.

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A packed auditorium gathered themselves for the first part of the day, Rory’s lecture expounding on the theories of violence, how it pertains to modern life, the individual, and to society at large. Our UK director, Jon Bullock, gave a quick five minute chat to all in attendance, then introduced the man himself. For someone who has spent a large proportion of their life exposed to violent confrontations, Rory is such a mellow, unassuming guy. Your mind’s eye would picture a battle scarred, muscle bound SF type, who could kill you with just a stare or growl, proving we’ve all spent too long on a diet of Hollywood fantasy nonsense. I always use the ‘Road rage’ analogy when thinking about people you’d not want to confront, as you’re usually at your most irrational in such circumstance. So for instance, who would you rather choose to tell to ‘Foxtrot Oscar’ for cutting you up on the road? Some 18 stone, muscle freak in a Gold’s gym vest, or someone like Eyal, Rory etc. ? “Never judge a book by its cover” A cliche yes, but never a truer one said!

img_0633   img_0595Anyway, I digress.

Rory introduced himself, then it was straight into the subject at hand; The Logic of Violence. To be honest I had no clue as to the specific subject matter, but in no time at all we were all enlightened. Unlike the Con-Com seminar, this was more of an interactive ‘two way’ affair, one that would leave a great many of us feeling decidedly uncomfortable. A quick recap of Maslov’s Hierarchy of Needs out of the way, it was then into the subject proper. First up was the subject of victim profiling, namely how criminals will size up their victim of choice, and what deciding factors go into ‘creating’ that victim. So a criminal will factor in a time, a place, a particular type of individual, how they’ll commit the crime, their egress from the crime scene etc.

Rory, always full of personal anecdotes, gave us some examples of infamous crimes, then it came the first difficult bit; planning our own crime. Something (hopefully) completely alien to all of us, thinking how a criminal thinks. To actually put yourself into a criminal mindset is a lot harder than at first appears. We were separated into groups, then told to plan a crime of our own choosing, a kidnap, a theft etc. At face value, this might appear easy, but my team mate, Ray Heaton and myself struggled. Not with the plan itself, rather the ethical side of things. We were called together, five teams were then chosen to give their performances. Needless to say, some were a bit too comfortable playing criminals, of which I’ve committed each of their faces to memory! Seriously, it was a great example of attempting to get into the criminal mind, proving we could all do it, should the need and desperation arise. Next, Rory covered the different types of criminals, what motivates them, the varying tactics employed to achieve their ends. The first half to the day was soon up, a quick break for lunch, and a mass exodus from the University to a local sports centre for part two: In-fighting Workshop.

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Always great to put on the ‘Black’ (that’s the Krav uniform), knowing you’re furthering your learning of self-defence, and today was to be no different. Everyone ready, we were brought together for the workshop itself. Rory explained that the techniques to be shown were tried and tested by himself and others in real world confrontations, and proved to be effective. Grabbing a partner, we each got to try out some seriously cool, simple, and practical techniques. The ability to fight in close can’t be overstated. It’s all well and good knowing how to punch and kick, but what do you do when your range in relation to an attacker(s) prevents these tools from being utilised? You need extra tools in your box that will neutralise the threat quickly.

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We were shown how to strike the back of the head using a chopping action, the classic ‘arm bar’, trapping an attacker’s legs in order to take them down, plus other simple moves designed to end the threat quickly. Having the chance to drill for hours was awesome, with Rory working his way around the gym giving 1-2-1 tutelage and correcting us. The chance to learn from such an experienced exponent was a real highlight, his laid back style making things easy to understand. The theories behind the techniques shown were so easy to understand, that applying them made clear sense to all. Once we’d drilled for a few hours, we then summarised by putting everything together Krav style. The attacker would approach, the defender would execute the most appropriate and effective combination of moves, then reset and go again. This summary was familiar to all those who train, with a slight twist on things, overseen masterfully by Rory.

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Another successful event put on by KMG UK, this left us all craving more. It was only a brief introduction to the World of In-Fighing, as always time was our particular enemy today. A summing up was given, then to thunderous applause it was over for another year. I’ve said it before, but anyone reading this who hasn’t had the pleasure of attending a Seminar by Rory Miller, you’re honestly missing out. His depth of knowledge on the specifics of real world violence are encyclopaedic. The personal insights he shares spur you onto wanting to further your own knowledge. Rather learn from a past Master than experience them yourself!

A big thanks to Jon Bullock and his team for hosting yet another great day, thanks to all the KMG instructors who gave up their free time to supervise the event, and to the Legend that is Rory Miller. Here’s to ‘Rory Miller 2018’.

Written by Krav Lloyd.


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